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  Message from the President
  During the recent years we have been focusing on high-tech
equipment, energy saving equipment, peripherals and
medical equipment. Further, we provide equipment that has
been developed to ensure low noise, fast response and high
We have gathered expertise and been meeting the demands
  of our customers for more than 39 years with tailor-made solutions.
  We are working with Danfysik and provide their ultrastab DC power supplies
  to Japanese customers. The demand for these products are prone to increase
  within accelerators for medical research/cancer treatment, MRI-scanners,
  renewable energy sources such as solar and hybrid cars. As an example of
  Danfysik ultrastab DC power supply reference in Japan I would like to 
  mention RIKEN Systems and Structural Biology Center in Yokohama, which 
  praises the power supply to be the most stable current power supply in the world. 
  The satisfaction of our customers is built on the long life of our products, fast 
  delivery and prompt service. 
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