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  ‚s‚c Series i Dedicated Power Supply for the Current Sensorj Summery
TD Series is the dedicated Power Supply for the Current Sensor. 

Adopt‚“ the low nose Dropper Control(Non switching system) 

The TD-1000(for the single channel) and the TD-2500(for the 3channel) are available

As the option the sensor connectioion cable(TD-C2)between the Power Supply 


and the Current Sensor is available.

As the option the TD-R2 Signal cable between the power supply and the Ammeter is
  available as option. 
  ‚s‚c Series@@@Specifications
Input Voltage  AC100V}10“i50`60Hzj Ripple  3mVp-p and below 
Output Voltage  DC}15V Insulation Withstand  Voltage  (Between  Input Case ) AC1000‚u
Input Fluctuation 

At90`110VF}30mV and below

Insulation Withstand  Voltage  (Between Output Case ) AC500‚u
Loading Fluctuation 0`100“F50mV and below  Painting Color 

BN-8  30% gloss Finish. 

Output Current  (TD-1000)1A/(TD-2500)2.5A weight  (TD-1000)2.4K‚‡/(TD-2500)6.2Kg
  ‚s‚c Series@@@@@@@@
T D - 1 0 0 0 (for single channel )  T D - 2 5 0 0 ( for 3 channel )  
Price@75,000  Price@150,000 
  TD-C2 ( Sensor Connect  Cable )@@@@
       Connect cable between Power Supply and Current Sensor
  Standard length is 2m.
  Optional accessory. 
  TD-R2 ( Signal Cable )@@@@
  Signal cable between power supply and power meter.
  Standard length is 2m. 
  Optional accessory. 
  Example of the ‚s‚c|‚Q‚T‚O‚O ( for 3 channel )@@@@
  ‚s‚c|‚P‚O‚O‚O i for Single Channel ) Dimensional Outline Drawing@
  TD-2500 ( for 3channel ) Dimensional Outline Drawing

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