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  Frequency Converters@@@50‚g‚š@Μ@60‚g‚š
The Frequency Converter Devices retranslate 50Hz or 60Hz AC electric power 
into the stable different AC power voltage and frequency of 60Hz or 50Hz.  

Provide the Static Type FC Series and the MG Series.  

  FC Series
The input and output are isolated and have the noise cut off performance.
Built-in the CVT(Constant Voltage Transformer)which is the most

practical and ideal performance power supply,as the main circuit

and get full performances out of the simple periphera circuit

The frequency converters features such as superior overload
capacity and high transition efficiency will meet the harsh condition. 
  ‚l‚f@Series Brief Summery

The rotary(Mortar Generation Type) Frequency Convertor Device
which integrated a Synchronous Mortar,a Synchronous Generator
  and  a System Control Device@into one architekuture. 
By adopting the brushless generator the waveform distortion is
extremely low and immune to the effect of the surge and the line noise.

By adopting the control panel the device save the spaceat the installation

and need not wire ring between the control panel and the mail frame.
Equipped with the common shaft which rotating with low speed of 
  600rpm between Synchronous Motor and Generator provides 
  low noise environment. 

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