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  Battery ChargerE‚`‚b ‚t‚Ž‚‰‚Ž‚”‚…‚’‚’‚‚‚”‚‰‚‚‚Œ‚… ‚o‚‚—‚…‚’ ‚r‚‚•‚’‚ƒ‚…
The devices change AC input voltage into the DC electric power adequate for the battery charger. 
We offer the two types of the Lead Storage Batteries. One type offer the equalizing charging 
( HSEPSECS series) system and the other type do not offer the equalize charging (the valve  
regulated lead@acid battery MSEEHSE series) system. We also provide a lineup of the 
  uninterruptible power sources which@ back up long hour (72 Hours) systems connecting 
  a dedicated chargeable battery with a load and with a battery. 
  BC-M BC-MB Series (For the valve regulated lead acid battery MSEEHSEj Specifications
The Devices are the middle and compact sized floating rechargeable
batteries for industrial field usage. The Devices built in the thyristor
phase control method plus the LC filter which reduces the
ripple and provide the constant voltage and current waveform.
The devices also built in the overloading voltage trip circuit to 
  protect the battery from the rechargeable malfunction and 
  also built in the function to reduces temporary 5-6% of the 
  rechargeable voltage by receiving the battery contact 
  temperature abnormality signal.  
We also provide the BC-M series which dedicated for the

rechargeable and  the BC-MB series which built in the 

over discharge protection circuit@@@@ 
  BC-PCBC-PB Series iF‚‚’ ‚v‚‚”‚…‚’ Retentivity system Valve Regulated Lead Acid Batteries HSECSEPSj
The devices are for the uninterruptible power source system and
for the emergency power source facilities.
The devices are the small and medium size capacity battery
recharger for the valve regulated lead acid battery. The devices

are water retentivity system. The devices adopt the thyristor 

  phase control system plus LC filter by which reducing the ripple 

and provide the constant voltage and current waveform.The 

  device also built in the over voltage trip circuit which protect 
  rechargeable battery from the malfunction. 
The equalizing charge is available by the panel switching operation.
  ( The automatic equalizing charge and other options orders are 
  available upon request) 
We provide the BC-PB type which dedicated for the rechargeable.

The BC-PB type build in the over discharge protection circuit.

As a standard the HS type set the rechargeable voltage  the CS
and PS types are available for the set of adjustor (option available 
  at ordering stage) 

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