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  ‚l‚q-‚`C‚l‚q|B ‚r‚…‚’‚‰‚…‚“@i‚u‚‚Œ‚‰‚‚‚‚Œ‚…@‚k‚‚‚„‚‰‚Ž‚‡@@‚q‚…‚“‚‰‚“‚”‚‚’j@
The MR-ACMR-B series are adopted as the compact  size and               

easy to use general purpose loading resister in various fields. 

The Series are adopting the parallel injection system rotary switch 

composing the excellent efficiency circuit. 

The MR-A seriesesingle phase (MR-102A `MR-110A)can be 

set at the1/10resolution of The rated current. 

MAR-B series (MR-102B`110B) are compatible with AC and DC.  
  And also equipped with the fine control volume which enable to   
  control between notch which enabling the setting of continuity  
  in the range of 0`rated current .   
  ‚t Series@iPower Factor Variable Loading Devices j
Continiously Variablethe  leading power factor and logging power              

factor within the rage of 0.1`0.98. 

Single Phase (U Series ) ia applicable both 50/60Hz. 
For three Phase(3U Sries),please specify the frequency 
U Series are easily  available to vary phase factor under constant 

current and also to variy current under constant phase factor. 

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