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  ‚v‚sSeries(Single ‚o‚ˆ‚‚“‚… Compound Wounded Transformer)
Built in Design (without the Case)
CapacitorF30‚u‚``100‚‹‚u‚`iInput200‚uSystem 400‚uSystem^Output100‚uSystem 200‚uSystemj 
*Appointed voltage can be combined upon request
  ‚v‚sSeries(Single Layer Compound Wounded Transformer)@30‚u‚``3‚‹‚u‚`
@ @ Single Phase Compound Wounded Transformer (Class B Insulation)
  WT Series( Single Layer Compound Wounded Transformer) 4‚‹‚u‚``100‚‹‚u‚`@
@@@Single Phase Compound Wounded Transformer (Class B Insulation)
@@@Shell Type Transformer
@ @ @ @ 4‚j‚uA`15‚j‚u‚`

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