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@‚g‚‚‚…>> DC-DC Converter
  DC-DC Converter  DC Λ DC @@@@@@@@
The devices change the DC voltage to the different DC voltages.. 
We provide the SDX and DD@.Series Converters..
  SDX Series  Brief Sumery@@
SDXΌΨ°½ή      Adopting the  air cooling system without blower and
  the wide operating temperature -20Ž`{60Ž. 
Do not adopt the aluminum electric or the tantalum
Cover the wide input ranges. 
Response to the wide voltage variation ranges. 
More downsizing are available as semi-standard  
  specification in this series by equipping air-cooling blower. 
The custom-order and the larger capacity products 
  are acceptable by order.. 
  DD Series@ Brief Summery@@
DDRΌΨ°½ή           wide input voltage range
Small size and light weight
19 inch rack mounting unit 
Responsible for rich voltage variation   
Customer-made order are receivable. 
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